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Andy Naylor

Lifelong City supporter and long time York City South member, Andy Naylor has made all his City stats available to all.

As Andy would say, "thereís probably relatively few people in the world who would find my YC statistics interesting" (Ed - not sure judging by the interest on TOOAB and numerous page hits). But, they do contain a wealth of information, so feel free to make of them what you want, remembering, the latest update contains stats up October 2nd, 2018 (the 2-2 away draw at Nuneaton). It represents one manís best endeavours (and who knows, maybe the odd, very rare, inaccuracy).

The first set of statistics lists every match played by City since joining (and re-joining) The Football League in 1929 (plus cup games). It includes scorers and attendances and other related stats.

The next set of statistics summarises the previous data by clubs played.

The third set of statistics details our Clubmen Of The Year, managers, most appearances, top goalscorers, biggest transfer fees, TV appearances, big crowds and birthdays.

The final set summarises the Conference league table for since 1979/80.

Andy's work can also be found on the Bootham Crescent history pages where he documents the number of away fans seen at Bootham Crescent.


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