new frontiers

Launched in 1992, new frontiers, a long standing York City fanzine raised well over £2,000 for the club in the early 1990s. Its main author had earlier published 2 quiz books in support of The Shipton Street Roof Appeal and in 2016, he published The York City Quiz Book And Brief City History, which has raised over £1,100 for club funds and is still available (see below). In 2018, new frontiers returned to print, but after seeral more issues, covid put an end to it. However, it lives on as a regular contributer to Y Front Fanzine.

Y Front Fanzine Contributions

The 2016 York City Quiz Book is a must for all City fans everywhere. Laid out in 27 separate quizzes, as well as taxing the memory, it is a fascinating City history told in bite sized chunks. Readers of every age will recall long forgotten players and games. It will bring back numerous happy memories of City’s many glory days. Yorkpress Feature

Priced at £5 (please add £1 for overseas postage). In addition, many back issues new frontiers are available at £2 each. A few copies of both versions of the Roof Appeal Quiz Book are available at £2 each. I'm reliably informed that the original Quiz Book comfortably outsold Anthea Turner's autobiography when she was at the height of her fame and never off TV.

Payment can be made either to bank sort code 40-47-83 / bank account 94-86-64-95 with your name as reference and send an email to Chris quoting your reference and address. Or send a £5 cheque, payable to Chris Forth. All profits will be donated YCS / YCFC.

In addition, the author, Chris Forth is the host of the annual York City South York City quiz and web master for the York City South web site, it covers over 450 web pages and 500 picture / newspaper cuttings making it one of the largest, free, primary sources of York City history and information.

new frontiers

Having written and published 2 York City quiz books and contributed to various other City publications during the Roof Appeal, someone suggested, why didn't I do my own fanzine. Post Terrace Talk and In The City, I had no competition as the first issue of new frontiers hit the streets in November 1992. We beat Barnet that day as we extended our lead at the top of Division 3. It was to run for 14 issues before it expired in the summer of 1995 for various reasons. It was a very much a word processor, cut and paste and photo copy effort. Selling at 50p, sales varied between 500 and 1,000 copies per issue, perversely, the better sales days were when we played the less glamorous sides in front of smaller crowds.

There were many highlights, many people congratulating us on doing something positive for the club. Amongst our regular buyers were Brian Houghton (who’d always pull up, hand over a pound coin saying keep the change for next time, next time he’d hand over another quid), Michael Sinclair and Malcolm Huntington. I believe Douglas Craig even bought a copy once, we didn’t get to keep his change. Ricky Sbragia (another who always handed over a pound an issue) has a complete set in his loft. The players always wanted a complimentary copy; few ever handed over money. The front cover featuring a skinhead caricature of Steve Bushell received legendary acclaim in the bedroom of Glenn Naylor.

Paul Barnes almost took out a court injunction to stop one issue (see issue 21), you can read what all the fuss was about (see issue 30).

The low times? One toe rag stands out. A well dressed guy wearing a City tie (I've no idea who he was) came up and tried to blag a copy. I suggested as all profits went to the club, he should hand over his 50p. He argued that as he’d driven the van from Sheffield that delivered them to the club the day before he shouldn’t have to pay. What a liar, they’d actually come from Cardiff a fortnight earlier. If you know me, then you’ll know I’m far too polite to tell him to f#^% off. I thought it though.

Yes, there were lots of perils in producing a fanzine, including bulging pockets, jeans with broken pockets due to the weight of change, jugging a pile of fanzines and getting change out of my pocket on a wet / snowy / cold day, frozen fingers, deadlines, postponed matches messing up sales days, doing a sales pitch to an away fan only to realise he was an away fan and wouldn’t buy, constantly answering questions on what happened to Terrace Talk and In The City, the guys who returned 10 minutes after they bought it wanting their money back as they'd bought it a week earlier, missing an early goal, getting mugged on the way home, becoming an unofficial club guide and convincing Dean Kiely it wasn't in the dressing room and he'd have to pay 50p like everyone else. And more. Happy days.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed in any way to our success, everyone who bought a copy, those who contributed, even those who inspired us by slagging us off. But especially those few who did all the first 3, including Dave, Stewart and the other sellers who dragged themselves out of the pub early to sell new frontiers. Thank you.

Reasons for its demise included the ever increasing burden of living in London and finding 2 Saturday matches close together in which to sell, marriage, changes at the club (notably the departure of Sheila Smith, the Commercial Manager) and also the lack of anything new to write about. The August 1995 issue (#15) was already about 16 pages complete when we took the decision to cease publication. 16 pages of old stuff, but nothing new, nothing topical to write about. Things at the club were just drifting on, upper mid table, going nowhere. Within days of the decision we’d sold Jon McCarthy, within weeks we’d beaten Manchester United and within months we’d sold Paul Barnes and flirted with relegation. If we’d persevered, we’d have had a bumper season. There was a small 1996/7 comeback when new frontiers appeared as a section in John Catton's "Oh, What A Shambles" fanzine.

During its 1990s life, all profits (2 grand plus) were donated to the York City Youth Development Fund and benefitted various initiatives which supported the youth system and also the junior supporter.

Reading it again, some bits still read ok, but lots seem very dated, others wouldn't pass the PC censor anymore. I trust you won't take it too seriously and definitely don't use any contact details listed, a lot has changed since it was first written. Manchester United 0 York City 3 for starters.

2009 and the digital age has opened up more opportunities. Publish without the hassle of getting wet for one or being hamstrung by print and printer deadlines. It also allows us to revise our views post publication! Enjoy.

August 2018 saw return to print with 4 issues during the 2018/9 season. With no production costs, all profits, over £1,000 were donated York City South. The first issue of the 2019/20 season saw profits split equally between Daniel Parslow's testimonial and YCS.

Chris Forth


Issue 36

August 2022: The Forgotten Issue.

Issue 35

December 2020: Walwyn Or Maradona, Up The Youngsters, MX - An Apology, Bootham Crescent - A Second Home, Hurry Up, Bootham Cheers and more. Due to coronavrus, online only.

Issue 34

January 1st 2020: Daniel Parslow, Steve McNulty, Testimonials, City’s 1974/5 debutants, 500 Club, Remember It Well, Bootham Cheers, Quiz and more

Issue 33

October 29th 2019: Kiely, Parslow, Big Brother, Bootham Cheers, Quiz and more

Issue 32

April 6th 2019: Bootham Cheers, Steve Watson, Paul Barnes, Farewell Sam, Hello MX, Crexit, Quiz and more

Issue 31

December 1st 2018: Bootham Cheers, City Heroes, Book Club, Shares, Tesco and Richard Adams

Issue 30

November 3rd: The new Barrry Swallow?, One Season Managers, Dale Banton, What Makes A Good Manager?, Paul Barnes’ Big Day, Naughty Boy Step, City Fanzines (Terrace Talk thru Happy Wanderer), YCS, Bootham Crescent, Bootham Cheers and more
"The Paul Barnes story should be in a porn mag" - Disgusted of Harrogate

Issue 29

August 2018: Return to print - Graeme Crawford, YCST, Bootham Crescent, Bootham Cheers, Competitive Budgets, Quiz and more.
"I thoroughly enjoyed every word. The profile of Graeme Crawford was brilliantly written. The preview of the new season was thorough, thoughtful and frank", "The nostalgia piece on the 70s revived many happy memories", "Great read, really good stuff. Well done", "Far more entertaining and enlightening than our glossy York City Official Programme".

Issue 28

new frontiers #28 - click for free download
March 2018: SGM Special.

Issue 27

new frontiers #27 - click for free download
August 2016. League Standing, YCS, City Lose 12-0, Whatever Happened To: City’s Loanees?, Accounts, Musical City, You Might Have Missed and much more.

Issue 26

new frontiers #26 - click for free download
March 2016. City In London, City Stars In China, City Reserves, First Impressions, York Music, Appeal: Artists Wanted, You Might Have Missed, The Posh Way 2016 and much more.

Issue 25

new frontiers #25 - click for free download
January 2016. Sophie Speaks/Russ W Last Word; Drinking York Dry (origins of The Grand Old Duke Of York); Ricky Sbragia; Shippo The Lion; Billy Plutch; Quiz; City Accounts; China; Book Club; HMHB; Whatever Happened To Diego de G; Forbidden London and more.

Issue 22

new frontiers #22 - click for free download
February 2014. Loanees, Little & Large (Nigel W & Brendan Rodgers), Moyes, Anelka, Transfer Day Madness and fun, fun fun.

Issue 23

new frontiers #23 - click for free download
April 2014. Nigel W, Academies - Way Forward, Finances (agents' fees / trouble in store?), Quiz Time and more.

Issue 24

new frontiers #24 - click for free download
December 2014. Nigel Worthington, Green Grass, John Peel Night, Manager Odds, B Teams and much more more.

Issue 19

October 2010 including Martin & Mandy (tales of an old married couple), China Rising, WC2010, Powerpups, Godfathers & Lurkers, City v Oxford - Play Off Final, Monks Cross - A Reality?, Arthur Bottom, book reviews plus all the usual humour, reflection and more.

Issue 20

January 2013 City accounts 2011/2, Financial Fair Play, Wembley 2010, our top TV / internet moments, City - Worst Ever XI, City fan returns to York after over 20 years, update on our popular City keepers series, Nightingales in York, Tom Robinson plus branch news, humour, reflection and more.

Issue 21

October 2013 Gary Mills - An Appraisal, John Ward, B-Teams, quizzes, York pubs, City books and fanzines, Blood + Chocolate, more City on TV and much more.

Issue 16

August 2009 - The Comeback Issue featuring The Sodje Foundation

Issue 17

October 2009 including York City's Big Brother House, Suzuki Bryanston, Spizz, Deaf School, Matthew Hoggard, A Wet Tuesday Night At Bedworth United and Bored Teenagers

Issue 18

December 2009 including Sophie McGill and Martin Foyle speak; Sustainable, our four grand a week losses; Richard Brodie: Should He Stay Or Should He Go; Stoke: Reasons To Be Optimistic; Wealdstone FC; Tony Kempster; The Fall; Gordon Strachan and more.

Issue 1 (Nov 1992)

November 1992: Launched the same day as The Family Room and a victory in the top of the table clash against Barnet

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Issue 2

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Issue 3

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Issue 4

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Issue 5

Online Version Coming Soon

Issue 6

Christmas 1993 and back in the 3rd flight, we're exceeding expectations, pushing for the play offs. Thoughts of Kit Kat sponsorship are mentioned, more praise is heaped on Paul Barnes and the early days of fanzines are recalled.

This Is The Modern World
Strange But True
DIY Subbuteo
Look Back: 1984/5 Part 3
Good Grief Boys What Are You Wearing?
CRE: It Concerns You
'Zine Scene
Darlington. York City Reserves
Phil Wormley: Exiled In Southampton
David Mellor Rages Against The Turks
Super Dario Land: Wembley Misery
The Most Extraordinary Match I Ever Officiated
A New England
Q & A
Page Fillers

Issue 7

February 1994. Surpassing expectations (City, not New Frontiers) and going for second successive promotion. The issued recalled City's 1985 FA Cup win over Arsenal and had a good word to say for an opposition keeper who later became a City favourite.

Big Freeze 1963
Excuses, Excuses
Look Back: 1984/5 Part 4
Escape To Bootham Crescent
World Cup '94 - The Stadia
'Zine Scene
Soccer In The Good Old Boys
Bribery Corner
Adam And The Ants
Where Are They Now?
Don't Quote Me Plus
Ye Olde Frontiers 1994 Almanac
Scottish Scene Update
Who Is The Best? (Part 1)
1993, Gone But Not Forgotten
Bootham Cheers

Issue 8

March 1994. The issues were coming thick and fast in those days, possibly inspired by our upwardly mobile league position as we pushed for a second successive Wembley appearance, or whisper it quietly, promotion back to England's second tier for only the second time in our history. Looking back, this issue seems a bit like a Terry Venables love fest.

Goalkeepers. A Race Apart
Dear Phyllis....
Look Back
Fantasy Football League
WC94. The USA Way. What Might Happen
City Gent
Tony Canham
Terry Vegetables !!
Look Back: 84/5. Liverpool & Beyond
'Zine Scene
Terry Venables: This Is Your Life
Terry Venables: Back To Basics
Bootham The Bear
The Midas Touch
Cloud Cuckoo Land
Right Now, Write Back

Issue 9


Online Version Coming Soon

Issue 10

Includes the latest instalment on our keepers, a look back at the 93/4 season, the first Dublin pre season tour, the thoughts of Douglas Craig / Paul Barnes, John Woodward, City's reputation and racism in football as well as all the usual pages, including real ale and poetry.
Issue 10

Issue 11

Features on Shed 7, Booby Saxton, a look back at our 1985 FA Cup win over Arsenal and the Championship winning season that preceded it plus guest contributions from James Richardson (twice), Garry Beckett, Sam Smith and Roger Dawson. Not forgetting, all the regulars, including more on the series on our keepers. and others such as beer, Just About Managing and all the usual funnies. Looking back, the issue seems top heavy on World Cup 1994
Issue 11

Issue 12

A lively edition, featuring an article on the impact of the Criminal Justice And Public Order Bill by Mick Parker, a Terrace talk stalwart and an appreciation of the City careers of Ricky Sbragia and Steve Cooper, There were guest contributions from a former York Minster chorister plus a couple of cut and paste articles from elsewhere broadened the subject matter. The political theme was continued with a review of a book concerning football and parliament. Elsewhere there were all the usual regulars, including our keepers, fanzines, beer and poetry plus a light hearted look at Scarborough and their new ground, stadium would be too posh a word for it.
Issue 12

Issue 13 (Jan 1995)

A bumper issue. The keeper series announced our all time top keeper whilst we had regular contributions from Bootham Cheers, Roger Dawson and a poetic critique of our catering facilities. Sam Smith recalled the day he was a ball boy, New Frontiers got to attend our AGM and Mick Parker recounted 12 nightmare City performances
Issue 13

Issue 14 (April 1995)

Content includes China (1), Big City, 10 Year Cycles, 20 Years Into The Future, Bungs and 54/5 Heroes
Issue 14

Issue 15 (Aug 1995)

The Unpublished Issue - City: Better Than The Whole Prem; Time Warp; Cynical City; WW2 City Keepers; Fanzine Editor; Beer; Kicking In The Wind; Go Buddy Go, Paul Barnes and more
Issue 15


Below are some features that were produced between issues and consequently haven't previously see the light of day.

City fans to blame for new cup date
City to play in India
Disappearing City?
new frontiers bids for ground naming rights
Subway 4
Blog Off! Billy Plutch's Ashes

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