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Viv Busby

I was kept busy this week as part of Billy's army tidying up the ground. My specific task was to clean up the classroom, aka The Manager's Office. I was shocked when I went inside to discover a row of desks. In front was a scruffy looking desk full of ink pellets where someone had carved "YCFC Rool OK" and "Chris luvs YCFC", inside were recent copies of The Beano, half eaten Wagon Wheels and gobstoppers. Someone had put an "Expensive Handle With Care" sticker on it, someone else, a "Scrap Heap" sticker next to it.

In one corner was a neat and tidy desk with piles of Conference dossiers and individual training plans.

A younger Viv Busby

In the other corner, was another desk, it looked hardly used, was full of blank notepads, unopened scouting reports and one sheet of paper. On reading the paper, it was apparent that it was Viv Busby's desk. He was one of my heroes first time around at City and I'm sure no one would dispute that he was an excellent coach. But his lack of managerial experience suggests that many chairman and directors didn't believe he had those extra qualities that separate a good coach from a good manager.

I reproduce below, the words from that piece of paper which was entitled "Get Your Excuses In First". It contained the following:-

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