Darlington - York City Reserves ?

How many players can you name who've played for both City and Darlington?

Tony Bridges (When Saturday Comes, #418, March 2022) noted 46 players who have played for both Nottingham Forest and Derby County since 1970. He thought it was a record for the number of players who have played for any 2 clubs since 1970. He was wrong.

I can name 81 players who've played for York City and Darlington in the same period. They include Marco Gabbiadini at the end of his career, David Stockdale who played for both clubs at the start of his career and Gary Himsworth, a glutton for punishment, who had 2 separate spells with both clubs. The majority took a direct route between the clubs.

In the early days, it was a one way road, indeed in the late 1970s, Darlington regularly fielded 5 ex City players in their line up, locally they were nicknamed "York City Reserves", the likes Chris Jones, Jimmy Seal, Barry Lyons, John Stone, Dennis Wann, Phil Taylor and John Peachey.

In recent years it has been a much more 2 way road trodden by many largely nondescript players.

The links between City and Darlington were originally covered in an article in new frontiers (December 1993).

For the record, making a direct journey up along A19 between the clubs were:

  1. Mike Astbury
  2. Peter Bainbridge
  3. Adam Bartlett
  4. John Borthwick
  5. Jonny Burn
  6. Jake Cassidy
  7. Barry Conlon
  8. Mark Convery
  9. Derek Craig
  10. Chris Dickinson
  11. Peter Duffield
  12. Chris Evans
  13. Scott Fenwick
  14. David Ferguson
  15. Marco Gabbiadini
  16. Kevin Gall
  17. Gary Himsworth
  18. Joey Hutchinson
  19. Craig James
  20. Alan Kamara
  21. Barry Lyons
  22. John Mackin
  23. Dan Maguire
  24. Lucas Martin
  25. David McAughtrie
  26. Dave McGurk
  27. John McReady
  28. Glenn Naylor
  29. Gary Pearson
  30. Chris Porter
  31. Adam Reed
  32. Marc Salvati
  33. Mark Samways
  34. Ricky Sbragia
  35. Jimmy Seal
  36. Steve Senior
  37. Neil Smallwood
  38. Kevan Smith
  39. Vinnie Steels
  40. David Stockdale
  41. John Stone
  42. Phil Taylor
  43. Steve Thomas
  44. Steve Tutill
  45. Dennis Wann
  46. John Williams

Whilst taking a more scenic detour between the clubs were:

  1. Mark Beck
  2. Mark Bower
  3. Ryan Bowman
  4. Ryan Brobbel
  5. Don Burluraux
  6. Jonjo Dickman
  7. David Dowson
  8. Stuart Elliott
  9. Stewart Ferebee
  10. James Gray
  11. Kallum Griffiths
  12. Will Hatfield
  13. Richard Hope
  14. Evan Horwood
  15. Michael Ingham
  16. Peter Jameson
  17. Carl Jones
  18. Chris Jones
  19. Gary Martin
  20. Gordon Morritt
  21. Sam Muggleton
  22. Craig Nelthorpe
  23. Lee Nogan
  24. Richard Offiong
  25. John Peachey
  26. Rory Prendergast
  27. Mark Prudhoe
  28. Ben Purkiss
  29. Paul Derrick Robinson (b1978, striker 2004/5 season, signed from Hartlepool)
  30. Paul Robinson (b1984, striker, signed November 2004 on short term deal from Tranmere)
  31. Daniel Rowe
  32. Eddie Rowles
  33. Joe Tait
  34. Neil Tarrant
  35. Phil Turnbull