Terry Dolan

3 full seasons, makes Dolan a long serving City manager and the only City manager to serve under 3 City chairman

Terry Dolan was appointed as York City’s manager on 11th February 2000 in succession to Neil Thompson with City in the bottom 4 of the basement division. With solid managerial experience, from Championship downwards, it was hoped that he would arrest City’s decline.

Just one defeat in the last 12 games of the season saw City pull clear of the drop.

Dolan had a long playing career. Mostly in midfield, starting with Bradford PA, when they were perennial re-election candidates. On dropping out of the League, he had a trial with Arsenal, but returned to Yorkshire where he signed for Huddersfield in the days when they were a top class side. In one game, he found himself as an emergency keeper and faced up to a Bobby Charlton penalty. His time with The Terriers ended when he fell out of with their manager, Tom Johnston, because he sported a beard, he was transferred a few days later.

As a footballer, in his professional capacity, he met Queen Elizabeth and 2 Prime Minsters, Harold Wilson and Maggie Thatcher. He also appeared in The Sunday Times quotes of the year after he said “when you’re given a free transfer from Rochdale, you have to consider your future”.

Over the next 3 seasons (2000-3), City finished mid table, 10th in 2003 being the best, just 4 points outside a play off position.

Dolan made a number of decent signings, including Alan Fettis, Peter Swan, Darren Edmondson, Chris Brass, Jon Parkin, Michael Ingham, Michael Procter and Alex Mathie .

Equally, along the way, there were a number of not so good signings, Gary Hobson being a stand out.

In the modern eras, since Tom Johnston, Dolan’s 3+ years reign puts him behind only Alan Little and Denis Smith in longevity amongst City managers. His reign covered the end of the Craig era, the Batchelor debacle and Supporters Club takeover. He had a goodworking relationship with Craig. Speaking on York Hospital Ball, Dolan believed that Luther Blissett was recruited with the medium term aim of him becoming manager, a big name that would bring more attention on City. However, Luther Blissett didn't integrate himself with Dolan and his management squad and eventually Dolan said to Batchelor that it was either Blissett or Dolan, Batchelor backed down.

However, his team's dour style never really appealed to the fan's imagination and he was sacked / placed on gardening leave in May 2003 (after his best season as City’s manager), financial constraints being cited (although some reports quoted his sacking as costing City a large 5 figure sum in compensation). At the time, he still had 12 months left on his contract.

Chris Brass was promoted to player manager. Within months, fans were wishing for Dolan’s pragmatism over Brass' woes.

After City, Dolan had a varied career as manager of Guiseley in November 2006,a post he helf for one year.

Dolan was a consultant / coach to the St Vincent and Grenadines national team as they progressed through qualifiers for the 2006 World Cup and head of recruitment for Notts County (2014/5 season).

Between 2004 and 2013, Dolan worked for the League Managers' Association, mentoring new managers and coaches. The role included sitting as a panel member for tribunals to settle transfer disputes between clubs and later for the Premier League as a match delegate, assessing referees.

In November 2015, he was appointed as a director of Bradford Park Avenue.

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