Life After York City - Still Playing

You might be surprised just how many ex City players are still plying their trade at a higher level than City

Despite York City being a non league side since 2016, its amazing that at least 41 ex City players (loanees (23) and triallists (5) included) are still playing in The Football League and the Premier League, levels equivalent or above City. Post playing career details what happened next for many ex City players after they retired.

In September 2023, the following ex City players are contracted to The Premier League and The Football League clubs:

  1. Scot Bennett (Newport)
  2. Malvind Benning (Shrewsbury)
  3. Ryan Bowman (Shrewsbury)
  4. William Boyle (Wrexham)
  5. Tom Bradbury (Cheltenham)
  6. Kyle Cameron (Notts Co)
  7. Andy Campbell (Crawley)
  8. Craig Clay (Sutton)
  9. Josh Coley (Sutton)
  10. Jack Degruchy (Doncaster / NLL Marske (Loan))
  11. Ryan Edmondson (Carlisle)
  12. Scott Flinders (Mansfield)
  13. Shaqai Forde (Watford / Leyton Orient (Loan))
  14. Ben Gibson (Norwich)
  15. Ben Godfrey (Everton)
  16. Kieran Green (Grimsby)
  17. Brad Halliday (Bradford)
  18. Luke Hendrie (Bradford C / NL Hartlepool (Loan))
  19. Joe Ironside (Doncaster)
  20. Peter Jameson (Harrogate / NL Hartepool (Loan))
  21. Will Jarvis (Hull / Shelborne (loan))
  22. Danny Johnson (Walsall)
  23. Andy King (Bristol C)
  24. Macaulay Langstaff (Notts Co)
  25. Scott Loach (Derby)
  26. Jasper Moon (Burton)
  27. Bryn Morris (Newport)
  28. Carlton Morris (Luton)
  29. Richard O'Donnell (Blackpool)
  30. Vadaine Oliver (Bradford)
  31. Alex Pattison (Bradford C)
  32. Bailey Peacock-Farrell (Burnley / AGF Aarhus (Loan) (Denmark))
  33. Nick Pope (Newcastle)
  34. Shaun Rooney (Fleetwood)
  35. Ethan Ross (Stockport / NL Altrincham (Loan))
  36. Kian Spence (Barrow)
  37. Ollie Tanner (Cardiff)
  38. Charlie Taylor (Burnley)
  39. David Tutonda (Morecambe)
  40. Luke Waterfall (Grimsby)
  41. Akil Wright (Stockport)

At the same time, a handful of ex City players were playing in "senior" leagues (of varying standards) around the world:

  1. Ben Davies (Glasgow Rangers (SL))
  2. Manny Duku (Manchester 62 (Gibraltar))
  3. Danny Holmes (Colwyn Bay)
  4. Jamie Hopcutt (FC IFK Mariehamn (Finland))
  5. Gary Martin (UMF Selmoss (Iceland))
  6. Ntumba Massanka (Digenis Akritas Morfou (Cyprus))
  7. David McDaid (Coleraine (NI))
  8. Robbie McDaid (Linfield (NI))
  9. Gabby McGill (Airdrie (SL))
  10. Sander Puri ( JK Tammeka (Estonia))
  11. Josh Robinson (Crusaders FC (NI))
  12. L'ubomir Satka (Samsunspor (Turkey))
  13. Robbie Weir (Crusaders FC (NI))

The list goes on with at least 47 more ex City players contracted across the 3 divisions of the National League. For more details, see ex City players in 2023/4 in column CC (or thereabouts), headed "2023/4 Clubs" on our downloadable spreadsheet.


In September 2022, the following ex City players are still playing in The Premier League and The Football League:

  1. Adam Senior (Bolton)
  2. Akil Wright (Stockport)
  3. Alex Pattison (Harrogate)
  4. Alex Rodman (Bristol R)
  5. Andy King (Bristol C)
  6. Bailey Peacock-Farrell (Burnley)
  7. Ben Davies (Sheffield U (Glasgow Rangers (Loan))
  8. Ben Gibson (Norwich)
  9. Ben Godfrey (Everton)
  10. Brad Halliday (Bradford)
  11. Bryn Morris (Grimsby)
  12. Carlton Morris (Luton)
  13. Charlie Taylor (Burnley)
  14. Connor Brown (Barrow)
  15. Craig Clay (Leyton Orient)
  16. Danny Johnson (Walsall)
  17. David Ferguson (Hartlepool)
  18. David Stockdale (Sheffield W)
  19. Jack Degruchy (Doncaster)
  20. Jack O'Connell (Sheffield U)
  21. Jasper Moon (Barnsley)
  22. Joe Ironside (Cambridge)
  23. Josh Coley (Exeter / Harrogate (Loan))
  24. Lewis Cunningham (Birmingham)
  25. Luke Waterfall (Grimsby)
  26. Kieran Green (Grimsby)
  27. Kieran Wallace (Mansfield)
  28. Kyle Letheren (Hartlepool)
  29. Malvind Benning (Port Vale)
  30. Mark Kitching (Stockport)
  31. Matty Blair (Cheltenham / Retired (announced 12th September 2022))
  32. Nick Pope (Newcastle)
  33. Peter Jameson (Harrogate)
  34. Richard O'Donnell (Rochdale)
  35. Ryan Bowman (Shrewsbury)
  36. Ryan Edmondson (Carlisle)
  37. Scot Bennett (Newport)
  38. Scott Flinders (Mansfield)
  39. Scott Loach (Derby)
  40. Shaun Rooney (Fleetwood)
  41. Tom Bradbury (Cheltenham)
  42. Vadaine Oliver (Bradford)
  43. Will Jarvis (Hull / NL Scarborough (Loan))
  44. William Boyle (Huddersfield)

At the same time, a handful of ex City players were playing in "senior" leagues (of varying standards) around the world:

  1. Adam Michael Reed (Ratchaburi MP (Thai))
  2. Alex Harris (Berwick (SL))
  3. Danny Holmes (Connah's Quay (Wales))
  4. Gabby McGill (Airdrie (SL))
  5. Gary Martin (UMF Selmoss (Iceland))
  6. Jamie Hopcutt (FC Mariehamn (Finland))
  7. Josh Robinson (CrusadersFC (NI))
  8. L'ubomir Satka (Lech Poznan (Poland))
  9. Luke Woodland (Terengganu FC (Malaysia))
  10. Robbie McDaid (Linfield (NI))
  11. Sander Puri (JK Tammeka (Estonia))

The list goes on with at least 46 ex City players contracted across the 3 divisions of the National League. For more details, see ex City players in 2022/3 in column BM (or thereabouts), headed "2022/3 Clubs" on our downloadable spreadsheet.


As at the closing of the transfer window in September 2021, the following contracted ex City players were still playing in The Premier League and The Football League:

  1. David Stockdale (Wycombe)
  2. Matty Blair (Cheltenham)
  3. Craig Clay (Leyton Orient)
  4. Ryan Bowman (Shrewsbury)
  5. Scott Flinders (Cheltenham)
  6. Vadaine Oliver (Gillingham)
  7. Ben Godfrey (Everton)
  8. Lewis Alessandra (Carlisle)
  9. Kyle Letheren (Morecambe)
  10. Ryan Edmondson (Leeds (Fleetwood / Port Vale (loan))
  11. David Ferguson (Hartlepool)
  12. Connor Brown (Barrow)
  13. Vinnie Steels (Sunderland)
  14. Harry Bunn (Scunthorpe)
  15. Darius Charles (AFC Wimbledon)
  16. Jamie Hopcutt (Oldham)

Add to that list, the following ex City loanees / triallists:

  1. Stephen Henderson (Charlton)
  2. Ben Gibson (Norwich)
  3. Charlie Taylor (Burnley)
  4. Alex Rodman (Bristol R)
  5. Jack O'Connell (Sheffield U)
  6. Ben Davies (Liverpool (Sheffield United (loan))
  7. George Taft (Scunthorpe)
  8. Elliott Whitehouse (Forest Green Rovers)
  9. Nick Pope (Burnley)
  10. Carlton Morris (Barnsley)
  11. Brad Halliday (Fleetwood)
  12. Malvind Benning (Port Vale)
  13. David Tutonda (Gillingham)
  14. Bryn Morris (Burton / Hartlepool (loan, from January 2022))
  15. William Boyle (Cheltenham)
  16. Luke Hendrie (Hartlepool / Bradford C (from January 2022))
  17. Luke O'Neill (Stevenage (from January 2022))
  18. Scot Bennett (Newport)
  19. Bailey Peacock-Farrell (Burnley / Sheffield W (loan))
  20. Alex Pattison (Harrogate)
  21. Joe Ironside (Cambridge)
  22. Scott Burgess (Port Vale)
  23. Jasper Moon (Barnsley)
  24. Richard O'Donnell (Bradford C)
  25. Oliver Banks (Barrow)
  26. Danny Johnson (Mansfield)

Whilst there are more ex City players playing National League (tier 5) football:

  1. Byron Webster (NL Bromley)
  2. Jamal Fyfield (NL Boreham Wood)
  3. Cameron Murray (NL Weymouth)
  4. Luke Summerfield (NL FC Halifax)
  5. Jake Hyde (NL Wrexham)
  6. Kyle Cameron (NL Notts C)
  7. Femi Ilesanmi (NL Boreham Wood)
  8. Alex Whittle (NL Chesterfield)
  9. Charlie Cooper (NL Wealdstone)
  10. Rhys Murphy (NL Southend)
  11. Asa Hall (NL Torquay)
  12. Scott Loach (NL Chesterfield)
  13. Kennedy Digie (NL Altrincham)
  14. Tom Bradbury (NL FC Halifax)
  15. Kieran Green (NL FC Halifax)
  16. Luke Waterfall (NL Grimsby)

Around the globe, there are ex City players playing at a level that could be considered equal to, or above City's current level, including:

  1. David McDaid (Larne)
  2. Eddie Nolan (Waterford)
  3. L'ubomir Satka (Lech Poznan (Poland))
  4. Shaun Rooney (St Johnstone)
  5. Danny Holmes (Connah's Quay (Wales))
  6. Robbie McDaid (Glentoran)
  7. Luke Woodland (Ratchaburi (Thailand))
  8. Raul Correia (Aberystwyth)
  9. Cole Kiernan (Bohemian)

Equally, there are a few ex City players who are unregistered who will be eligble to join a new club at any time, including:

  1. Calvin Andrew (ex Barrow)

if only we'd held onto a few of the above.


As at the closing of the transfer window in October 2020, over 40 ex City players are still playing in The Premier League and The Football League.

Player wise, pride of place goes to Ben Godfrey, Ryan Edmondson, Bailey Peacock-Farrell, Charlie Taylor, Nick Pope, Ben Gibson, Stephen Henderson, Jack O'Connell and Stefan O'Connor (still listed as part of the Newcastle United U23 squad in February 2021 although he doesn't seem to get any game time after an injury ravaged career) all contracted to Premier League clubs.

Club wise, Burnley (4 ex City players) and Championship side Wycombe can just about boost 3 ex City players on their playing staff.

  1. Alex Pattison (Wycombe)
  2. Alex Rodman (Bristol R)
  3. Bailey Peacock-Farrell (Burnley)
  4. Ben Davies (Preston / Liverpool)
  5. Ben Gibson (Burnley (loan Norwich))
  6. Ben Godfrey (Everton)
  7. Brad Halliday (Doncaster)
  8. Bryn Morris (Portsmouth (loan Northampton (January))
  9. Calvin Andrew (Barrow (March 2021))
  10. Carlton Morris (Norwich (loan MK Dons) / Barnsley)
  11. Charlie Taylor (Burnley)
  12. Clayton Donaldson (Bradford C)
  13. Connor Brown (Barrow)
  14. Craig Clay (Leyton Orient)
  15. Danny Johnson (Leyton Orient)
  16. Darius Charles (Wycombe)
  17. David Stockdale (Wycombe / Stevenage (emergency loan))
  18. David Tutonda (Bristol R)
  19. Eddie Nolan (Crewe)
  20. Elliott Whitehouse (Forest Green Rovers)
  21. George Taft (Bolton / Scunthorpe))
  22. Jack O'Connell (Sheffield U)
  23. Cameron Murray (Weymouth)
  24. Jasper Moon (Barnsley)
  25. Joe Ironside (Cambridge)
  26. Kyle Letheren (Chesterfield / Morecambe)
  27. Lewis Alessandra (Carlisle)
  28. Lubomir Satka (Lech Poznan (Poland) and Slovakia)
  29. Luke Hendrie (Grimsby)
  30. Luke O'Neill (AFC Wimbledon)
  31. Luke Waterfall (Grimsby)
  32. Malvind Benning (Mansfield)
  33. Matty Blair (Cheltenham)
  34. Nick Pope (Burnley)
  35. Oliver Banks (Tranmere / Barrow (January))
  36. Richard O'Donnell (Bradford C)
  37. Ryan Bowman (Exeter)
  38. Ryan Edmondson (Leeds (Aberdeen / Northampton (loan))
  39. Sam Fielding (Salford)
  40. Scot Bennett (Newport)
  41. Scott Brown (Harrogate, Warrington Town (loan))
  42. Scott Burgess (Port Vale)
  43. Scott Flinders (Cheltenham)
  44. Shaun Miller (Bolton)
  45. Stefan O'Connor (Newcastle U)
  46. Stephen Henderson (Crystal Palace)
  47. Vadaine Oliver (Gillingham)
  48. Vinnie Steels (Sunderland)
  49. William Boyle (Cheltenham)

Whilst there are many players playing lower down the pyramid at home and abroad at a level which may be considered equal to or above City:

  1. Adam Reed (Chainat (Thailand)
  2. Adriano Moke (Spennymoor)
  3. Aidan Connolly (Falkirk)
  4. Alex Bray (Chippenham)
  5. Alex Harris (Edinburgh)
  6. Alex Whittle (Gloucester)
  7. Amari Morgan-Smith (Kidderminster)
  8. Andy Bond (AFC Telford)
  9. Asa Hall (Torquay)
  10. Ashley Chambers (Brackley)
  11. Byron Webster (Bromley)
  12. Charlie Cooper (Woking)
  13. Dan Maguire (Darlington)
  14. David Ferguson (Hartlepool)
  15. Elliott Durrell (Wrexham)
  16. Femi Ilesamni (Boreham Wood)
  17. Gabriel McGill (Dunfermline (Edinburgh (loan) / York (loan)))
  18. Gary Martin (IBV Vestmannaeyjar (Iceland))
  19. Hamza Bencherif (Guiseley)
  20. Jake Charles (Woking)
  21. Jake Hyde (FC Halifax)
  22. Jamal Fyfield (Boreham Wood)
  23. James Meredith (Perth Glory (Australia))
  24. Jamie Hopcutt (GIF Sundsvall (Sweden))
  25. Joe Tait (Spennymoor)
  26. Jon Worsnop (Chester)
  27. Jonathan Smith (Chesterfield)
  28. Jordan Burrow (Boston)
  29. Kaine Felix (Guiseley)
  30. Kallum Griffiths (Gateshead)
  31. Kennedy Digie (Hereford)
  32. Kian Spence (FC Halifax)
  33. Kieran Green (FC Halifax)
  34. Kurt Willoughby (AFC Fylde)
  35. Kyle Cameron (Torquay)
  36. Liam Agnew (Blyth)
  37. Lewis Montrose (KIdderminster)
  38. Luke Graham (Kettering)
  39. Luke Simpson (Kidderminster)
  40. Luke Woodland (Ratchaburi (Thailand))
  41. Macaulay Langstaff (Gateshead)
  42. Rhys Murphy (Yeovil)
  43. Rus Penn (Kidderminster)
  44. Sam Jones (Kettering)
  45. Scott Loach (Barnet)
  46. Shaun Rooney (St Johnstone)
  47. Shaquile Coulthirst (Boreham Wood)
  48. Simon Heslop (Blyth)
  49. Tom Allan (Guiseley)
  50. Tom Bradbury (FC Halifax)
  51. Tyler Walton (Farsley Celtic)
  52. Wes York (Brackley)
  53. Yan Klukowski (Hereford)

With so many ex City players still playing at a high level, it makes you wonder why they didn't show such form whilst with City.

See the City Players spreadsheet (Column BJ or thereabouts) for the latest 2020/1 ex City contracted players. Given a number of other former City players currently without clubs, that list could grow further.

Given some of the names on the list, it makes you wonder how they were so poor during their time with City.