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George Howe

Left back in City’s 1954/5 FA Cup run, George Howe is best remembered by City fans who were there for outplaying Stanley Matthews in the Round 3 game at Blackpool, City’s only FA Cup win away to a top flight club

Born in Wakefield, George Howe spent 12 years (including the war years) with Huddersfield where he was a regular in their reserve side, playing just 40 first team games.

Aged 30, he joined City in 1954 and was to spend the next 7 seasons playing at left back. During that time, he missed just 15 games. He then spent his last season, 1961/2, playing for City’s reserve side where he helped to develop the next generation of City players.

He was cool under pressure with great positional play, as demonstrated by subduing Stanley Matthews in 1955.

He holds the City record as the outfield player to play the most games (338) without scoring a goal. That was an era where full backs were actively encouraged not to cross the halfway line and big centre halves would go up for corners.

He retired to his native Wakefield, working in maintenance at Pinderfields Hospital. Sadly, he died in 1971 at a young age, the first of the Happy Wanderers to leave us.

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