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City History

Gary Mills - 2017

York City South were invited to meet Gary Mills and Darren Caskey in Basildon, in the team’s hotel, on the evening before City’s game at Dagenham on March 25, 2017.

We were due to meet Gary Mills and Darren Caskey at 7:30, by when they’d expected to have eaten their evening meal. However, with the team's departure from York being severely delayed as some players were stuck on the M62, City arrived at the hotel about 7:20. Gary was very apologetic, he said he and Darren would check in first, come and speak to us and eat later.

Despite our expected one hour extending to nearly an hour and a half, the time flew by and I suspect Gary and Darren (and Darren's brother, they were born in Basildon) would have been happy to chat all night, the chat ending when Derek called a halt to allow Gary and Darren to eat before the restaurant closed.

At the end of the evening, Derek Feasby, on behalf of York City South, presented a Ł500 cheque to Gary Mills following our fundraising events throughout the season, including The York City Quiz Book, social evenings and membership subscriptions.

Highlights of the evening included:

  • Nothing earth shattering came out of it, just a calm and positive belief that we'd survive.
  • 2016/17 is probably the most important season in the club’s history, certainly more important than season 2011/12
  • Belief was probably the most used word of the evening.
  • He was very positive and stamped on all negative talk (in a nice way), but felt confident we'd be safe.
  • He'd never experienced a worse atmosphere at a club on his return and after training on the first Sunday couldn't name more than 3 players for a side capable of beating Curzon the next day.
  • "Now, we've got good players, good men, honest & caring people"
  • Both were very complimentary and grateful for the support they have received from Jason McGill as had they not received this, our position would probably have been worse
  • Known after the Bromley away game in late November just how big the job was
  • Couldn't name a game where it clicked for City, but he and DC just knew the training ground spirit was right, the players were supportive of each other
  • Had 3 congratulatory texts from Simon Lappin within minutes of the cup success at Lincoln
  • Signed Sam Muggleton purely for his throw in and indicated he is more flexible in his approach nowadays.
  • Scouted most of his signings himself.
  • Amari Morgan-Smith was a young lad at Ilkeston when Darren Caskey was there, so DC knew his strengths and attributes.
  • They told a nice story about how they got to know each other. GM was the new Notts County manager under instructions to reduce thw wage bill. DC was one of his top earners and GM had a go at him before a game at Brentford for having dirty boots. DC replied, "Its not the boots, its what's inside them". DC scores the winner and reminds GM of his pre match quip. Shortly afterwards, DC leaves the club. The pair later connect via coaching courses and both being based in the midlands.
  • Sounds like he's in it with City for the long term, he spoke about levels and not going above your own level.
  • I sensed a tinge of bitterness over his departure in 2013, "given 30 minutes to pack", but spoke passionately about "my club"
  • Suggested he'll have an easy job this summer as he expects the loan players he wants to keep will be happy to sign up and then he's just about got his first team squad for next season
  • Message taken from the evening – “Look forwards, not backwards”.