YCS Branch Guests

Over the years, York City South have welcomed a number of City staff, former players and associates to our branch meetings dating way back to the mid 1990s when Douglas Craig (March 1999) attended a meeting in person. A few years later, Dean Kiely came along one evening when he was starring for Charlton

I’m afraid, no record exists of some of those meeting, including Douglas Craig, Dean Kiely or Jon Champion’s first visit (and his Alex Ferguson and Middlebrough stories). However, below are the highlights of many of the guests we’ve had over the more recent years.

Whatever is said, and some of it is fairly candid and off the record, a lively 2 way discussion has always taken place. Not one guest has left without showing a genuine affection for our club and an immense will to improve our club’s lot. They’ve talked with us, not to us, and have been keen to take on board our thoughts and suggestions.

Often our guests have stayed a lot later than intended. They've taken the trouble to spend their own time, at their own expense, talking to us. Dean Kiely’s one day travel card, Jon Champion committing his only free Thursday of the season to come down from Gloucestershire by train or Nick Bassett’s last train north home on an economy ticket all spring to mind.

Somewhere along the way, we also had a voice conference with Billy McEwan, again, no details exist.

In recent years, a succession of managers have invited us into the team's hotel on the Friday evening before an away game a day later.

Askey, John (March 2022)

Adams, Richard (Nov 2018)

Banton, Dale (Oct 2018)

Barnes, Paul (March 2019)

Bassett, Nick (Feb 2011)

Bassett, Nick (Oct 2009)

Beck, Steve (Nov 2004)

Champion, Jon (Feb 2011)

Crawford, Graeme (Oct 2017)

Easby, Josh (Feb 2006)

Foyle, Martin (Interview) (Oct 2009)

Jones, Chris (Oct 2016)

Kiely, Dean (Oct 2019)

McGill, Sophie (April 2015)

McGill, Sophie (2009)

Mills, Gary (March 2017)

Mills, Gary (Oct 2011)

Mills, Gary (Feb 2011)

Parslow, Daniel (Nov 2019)

Smith, Alastair (Dec 2022)

Wilcox, Russ (March 2015)

Worthington, Nigel (March 2014)

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