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Martin Foyle

On October 30 (2009), the evening before we played at Crawley, the club invited York City South members to meet the club’s management at the club’s hotel . Despite the club being ravaged by a virus, the evening went ahead . Below , member Neil Rank recounts the evening for us.

Substitutions. As regards substitutions, Martin explained that in the Oxford game he had thrown "Gashy" on with 30 minutes to go and whilst he had recognised that the team were showing signs of tiring, substitutions can often upset the rhythm of the side. It can sometimes take a player 5 to 10 minutes to get into a game and, if all substitutes are used too early it can place you at a numerical disadvantage if a player subsequently gets injured.

Oxford. As regards the Oxford game, generally, both he and Andy Porter felt absolutely gutted at the result, particularly as Daniel Parslow was fouled in the lead up to their equaliser and the ball did not cross the line anyway. Interestingly Martin refused to criticise the match officials feeling that they have a difficult job to do. Some Arthurites have also criticised Martin Foyle for not being particularly animative on the touchline. Martin explained league rules allow only one club official in the technical area at any one time and with Andy Porter conveying to the players all the necessary instructions he is happy to carry on this way. He also feels that it is good experience for Andy’s development as a coach generally.

Supporters. When asked what he would like to see from the supporters, he advised that whilst he was pleased with the level of support he wished supporters would be a little more patient with new players as it does take time for players to settle. He advised for instance that it took that former City legend Jon McCarthy about 3 months to settle in at Port Vale. Supporters whilst having a right to voice their opinions can affect a player’s confidence with their criticisms.

Injury Time. To his credit Martin extended our meeting by about 30 minutes to ensure all that we wanted to discuss was covered. We left the meeting feeling that if we could we would really like to help the club financially to enable these two guys achieve their objectives. Alas neither my Lottery Tickets nor Premium Bonds have come up trumps this week end so I won’t be able to help for a while yet.

Commitment. As regards these two guys commitment to the club they let it slip that they stay in a B&B during the week, seeing their families’ one or two days a week – I don’t view that you can have better evidence of commitment than that.


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